Rickard Linderot

Profile of Rickard Linderot

  • Date of birth: 05.03.1986
  • Current status: : Father with a patient girlfriend (I fish a lot)
  • Hometown: UmeĆ„, Sweden
  • Activities: Mostly hunting for big predator fish
  • Joined the Savage Team: 11.08.2017


Half German, Half Swede. Born and raised in south Sweden. Moved to north Sweden 2012 to study engineering in Energy technics. Stayed up in the north since then and started my own family here. Other hobbies than fishing is snowboard and snow kiting. Less time for it now though.


Specimen angler since 2000.

3 Swedish records (Tench, Grass carp and Lake trout). Went from full time specimen angler (course fishing, feeder fishing, carp fishing etc.) to angling more with artificial lures in 2012 due to the conditions in north Sweden. (No carp, tench etc.)  Caught my first pike over 10kg 1999 which got me hooked on the pursuit for those specimens swimming out there and still today I target mostly big fish, with the small difference that it’s mostly on artificial lures.  The kick and shiver that big fish give is what keeps me going.

The three keys to success

  • Time
  • Patient
  • Reflection