The lure swims with a super realistic slim S-Curve, and will turn to the side on spin stop, triggering strikes from following fish. It has a build in rattle in the tail section, that will make a provoking click sound on retrieve. Strong Pin-joints, ultra-sharp strong treble hooks and photoprint details. Great for casting and trolling for Big Pike and Musky. Slow sinking with a Speed window from 1,4-3Kts (multiply the Kts. speed value by 1,852 to get Km/h).

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Product number: 71473_M -

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Size matters

  • 20
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Hotspot features


3D – 3D Scanned details.

Built-in Rattle – built-in rattle, making loud sound attracting attention.

PHP colors- Photo printed colors and details.


  • 3D scanned details 
  • Super realistic swimming action 
  • Photo print colors 
  • Build in rattle 
  • Ultra-sharp ST36 Y-trebles
  • Slow Sinking – speed window from 1,4-3kts 
  • Hooks: 20cm ST36 Y-treble #1/0
  • Hooks: 26cm ST36 Y-treble #3/0