The lure swims with a super realistic slim S-Curve, and will turn to the side on spin stop, triggering strikes from following fish. It has a build in rattle in the tail section, that will make a provoking click sound on retrieve. Strong pin-joints, ultra-sharp strong treble hooks and photoprint details. Great for casting and trolling for big pike and musky. Slow sinking with a speed window from 1,4-3Kts (multiply the Kts. speed value by 1,852 to get Km/h)
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Product number: SGK156 -

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Size matters

  • 26CM
  • 20CM


Internal rattle produces sound to draw strikes

High carbon steel treble for light tackle applications where strength is required while maintaining excellent hook penetration. Y configuration on the treble ensures perfect alignment on the body of the lure for increased hookup ratio

3D scanned details of the actual fish mimicked by the lure

Photo print colors and details from an actual fish


• 3D scanned details
• Super realistic swimming action
• Photo print colors
• Build in rattle
• Ultra-sharp SGY 1X Y-trebles
• Slow Sinking – speed window from 1,4-3kts
• Hooks: 20cm SGY 1X Y-treble #1/0
• Hooks: 26cm SGY 1X Y-treble #3/0