3D Minnow Pop Walker

Based on a 3D Scan odf a baby sardine. The lure is not a popper, it is not a walker, it is both! The perfect “Hybrid” of a popping and a walk the dog lure. The Pop walker can perform a perfect WTD action or it can pop if the angler simply pulls It with the rod tip down! With the rod tip a bit higher, the Pop Walker “walks” with popping and splashing action. A great light game all species topwater lure with great casting distance!Fishing methods: With slow twitch while retrieve, this lure will perform a wide and slow WTD action, and with fast twitch will perform fast and sharp walk the dog action. With longer pulls and rod tip down this lure have a great popping action.

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Product number: 64075_M -

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Size matters

  • 5.5
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Hotspot features


3D – 3D Scanned details.

Built-in Rattle – built-in rattle, making loud sound attracting attention.

Lure is built for very long casting ability.


• 3D Scanned details
• Popping or walking action in one lure.
• Super natural shape body
• Excellent casting performance
• Super strong ABS body
• Ultra-sharp strong Saltwater trebles
• Hook size:
5.5cm, 6g, #14 ST46 UAR
6.6cm, 8g, #8 ST46 UAR
8cm, 15.5g, #5 ST46 UAR