Based on the scan of a real roach, with super realistic details! The Pulse tail delivers a subtle ultra-realistic action at both slow, medium and high speed. The lure has a steel rattle chamber built-in the inside harness, but at steady retrieve the lure is silent – when the lure is twitched it will send out a provoking and loud clicking sound! The tail has a slot for additional glass rattle and scent. Designed with our Brilliant Line thru design, the lure will slide up the trace away from the shredding teeth and the Pike cannot use the weight of the big lure to throw the hook.

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Product number: SGK039 -

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Hotspot features


Florescent colors and details utilized for increased visibility to the fish

49 strands of high carbon steel wire, twined, braided and coated with a strong black copolymer

3D scanned details of the actual fish combined with photo print and strike triggering scent

Photo print colors and details from an actual fish

Blend of amino acids, fats, and proteins that triggers feeding and aggression


• 4D Photo Chrome Skin Print
• Built-in Steel Rattle
• Strike Triggering Scent
• Rattle slot in the Pulse tail
• Slow sink
• Easy change Line thru system
• Pre-rigged with Carbon49 line thru modifier rig and Y-treble
• 18cm Hook #1
• 21cm Hook #1/0