3D TPE Minnow

The perfect small baitfish imitation based on the scan of a small Sardine. The lure is designed with a unique clip system that will allow the angler to change hook style and size easily. It can be used with a treble hook or with a single hook. even for a snag free presentation. The SOFT TPE material is very durable and can withstand even the toothiest predator fish. The soft body is glued to the metal alloy head for a perfect fit. The lure will fish both on the retrieve and on the drop. with a tight and lively kicking and flaking action – a very versatile lure. that will catch just about any predator fish in both fresh and saltwater.
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Product number: 61969_M -

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Hotspot features


3D – 3D Scanned details.

UV Active – active in UV light, extra visible for the fish.


• 3D Realistic Details
• Changeable hook clip system
• Tight lively kicking action
• Durable soft TPE material
• Swivel / split ring for treble supplied