Based on a 3D Scan of a real perch with perfect details and Photo Chrome skin print and added DNA scent! The perch is in periods the main prey for Big pike and these super realistic lures will be deadly! The paddle tail make the lure rock seductively and the rattle in the tail sends out provoking clicks! The 2 smaller sizes is “ready rigged”, with the Belly treble hook mounted on a swivel, so the pike has hard time to throw the hook. The big size, is our Brilliant Linethru design, rigged with the Line thru modifier and changeable rig – the lure will slide up the trace away from the shredding teeth and the Pike cannot use the weight of the big lure to throw the hook

Based on a 3D Scan of a real perch with perfect details and Photo Chrome skin print and added DNA scent!

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Hotspot features


4D – 3D Scanned details on combination with Photo printed colors and strike triggering scent.

PHP colors- Photo printed colors and details.

DNA scent – Double Natural attraction, strike triggering scents based on natural flavors and extracts.

The lures is rigged line thru, so the lure shoots up the line during the fight.


  • 4D Photo Chrome Skin Print
  • Strike triggering scent
  • Gat pellet or rattle slot 
  • Easy change line Thru system
  • Pre-rigged with Carbon49 wire Line Thru modifier rig and red Y-Treble