Long casting pencil, with a super realistic profile, that can be fished in various ways to provoke strikes from the most vary predators. The lure will skip and slide on fast retrieve and send of alluring flasheson the drop the lure will swim with a vibrating fall. The Sink rate and design of the lure will enable the angler to search both the surface and midwater for big predator fish, perfect also for the more turbulent and rough conditions. Super strong Wired Thru construction with build in tubular Rattle chamber in the back and VMS on the fall. BKK UAR treble hooks.

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Product number: 71404_M -

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VMS – Vivid movement system, on the fall the lure performs a vivid shaking and swimming.

Built-in Rattle – built-in rattle, making loud sound attracting attention.

The lure is wired thru for extra strength and durability.

Lure is built for very long casting ability.


• Ultra-Long cast design
• Great slide or skip action
• Target depth 1-15m with 39g and hook size #4; Target depth 1-30m with 50g and hook size #1; Target depth 1-50m with 70g and hook size #1/0 
• VMS – vivid movement system
• Rattle in back
• Super strong Wired Thru construction
• Super sharp and strong Salter water trebles