Soft Vibes is a Soft lipless crank bait, designed to have a superb vibration and flash on the retrieve and Yo-Yo and a great action on the drop, swimming towards bottom, with a subtle rock and flash away in very realistic escape pattern. The lure sends out vibration and flash that will pull the predator fish from distance and they will hit it hard on the drop or even straight retrieve – also great for vertical fishing! The TPE material (Temperature Elastomer) is a unique soft yet durable material, that feels and behaves very different in the water than a hard body lure. The fish bite and hold on as if it was a real baitfish – and the TPE material is very durable and will last for many, many bites. (don’t store TPE with PVC soft lures)
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Product number: SGK018 -

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Florescent colors and details utilized for increased visibility to the fish

Precise internal balancing that provides a fluttering action on the fall

Photo print colors and details from an actual fish


• Soft and durable TPE material
• Incredible vibration learned during swimming, continuous recovery during the breaks
• Beautiful colors
• Hooks Trebles Are Savage Gear ultra quills