Sandeel Jerk Minnow Sinking

The sinking Jerk Minnow S is specifically made to cast far against strong wind and reach long distance. The fast sinking ratio enables the angler to reach deeper areas and retrieve from there. The sinking Jerk Minnow is a great advantage in deep ports or rocky shores where fish often love to stay in midwaters or near the bottom. Despite the sinking body the Jerk Minnow retains the amazing jerk and twitch action, with great roll and flash on retrieve!Fishing method: This lure will perform excellent with medium and high-speed retrieve and will perform most amazing jerk and twitch action.

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Hotspot features


3D – 3D Scanned details.

PHP colors- Photo printed colors and details.

The lure is wired thru for extra strength and durability.

Lure is built for very long casting ability.


• 3D Scanned details
• Magnetic Silent Long Cast System
• Great jerk and Twitch action
• Horizontal balance
• 3 Ultra sharp strong Saltwater trebles
• Hook sizes: 110mm #10 ST46 UAR 145mm #6 ST46 UAR 175mm #4 ST46 UAR 210mm #2 ST46