Tough saltwater fishing environments demand tough fishing tackle. So, how about a reel with a unique coating that easily withstood 500 hours of being sprayed with saltwater in testing? That’s our new SGS8, complete with SW500 coating. The reel is saltwater resistant in other ways too, including its sealed 8+1 steel ball bearings, sealed drag system and lightweight and strong aluminium body and Carbon Reinforced Composite rotor. Being able to withstand constant saltwater onslaughts isn’t this reel’s only quality, though. It also features our Friction Control System 3 drag system, which houses washers made in a three-layer design – a fibreglass layer with a carbon fibre layer on either side. This gives the washers unrivalled stiffness resulting in an ultra-smooth and powerful, fish-stopping drag – it also means they can be flipped over and used on either side to extend their lifespan.
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74761 4000 FD 8+1 BB 316G 5.5:1 185M/0.28MM 95CM 12.5KG
74762 5000 FD 8+1 BB 387G 5.7:1 190M/0.33MM 98CM 12.5KG
74763 6000 FD 8+1 BB 396G 5.7:1 240M/0.33MM 101CM 12.5KG
74764 8000 FD 8+1 BB 607G 5.7:1 255M/0.38MM 110CM 13KG
74765 10000 FD 8+1 BB 622G 5.7:1 350M/0.38MM 120CM 13KG
74766 14000 FD 8+1 BB 827G 5.3:1 285M/0.46MM 114CM 21KG
74767 14000H FD 8+1 BB 827G 6.2:1 285M/0.46MM 134CM 21KG
74768 18000 FD 8+1 BB 851G 5.3:1 400M/0.46MM 135CM 21KG


The Aero Lip is designed to help anglers vastly increase their casting distance and accuracy. The specific, fine-tuned angle of the lip allows the line to leave the spool with far less friction when casting than in standard reels

With the BR-S, there’s no more need to use monofilament as backing on your reels. The spool is supplied with either a rubber band or engraved knurling that stops braided line slipping when under heavy pressure. Nothing should slip when you’re playing a big fish

Carbon Reinforced Composite CRC rotors and bodies are designed to offer lower weight and increased stiffness and strength. This material doesn’t bend easily and can handle extreme force better than standard graphite materials

This is our, unique, proprietary grease developed especially for Savage Gear reels that protects the gearing from corrosion and wear. The grease is steam resistant, water and saltwater resistant and operates between -30˚C to 160˚C, which should cover just about any fishing situation on planet Earth. It’s also biodegradable. With Dura Grease, reels will perform at their best for longer

A proprietary oil developed especially for Savage Gear that offers excellent protection for the components of a reel against corrosion and wear. Dura Oil works by creating a special film around treated parts, which shields them from a whole host of hostile forces including damage, debris, water and wear

Thanks to enabling extended spool lift, DLM means that line will be perfectly distributed over the entire spool. This is a key feature on many modern spinning reels and supports improved drag function, allowing anglers to make longer and more accurate casts

Friction Control System 3 The washers used in this drag system are made in a three-layer design – a fibreglass layer with a carbon fibre layer on either side. This gives the washers unrivalled stiffness resulting in an ultra-smooth and powerful, fish-stopping drag. The washers can also be flipped over and used on either side, extending their lifespan significantly. One of the premier drag systems used in Savage Gear reels

Hydro Sealed Drag HS-Drags feature a rubber gasket to protect the drag system from water ingress, which keeps the system smooth, powerful and reliable

K-Alloy rotors bodies are made from extremely strong and robust Aluminium – a material which is not only lightweight, but also incredibly rigid. This rigidity means they will not deform under stress, preventing damage to internal parts. K-Alloy bodies stand for superb durability and reliability in a reel

SW500 coating There are many reels out there that claim to be saltwater resistant, but how many of them can boast 500 hours in a tank being sprayed by saltwater and show no signs of corrosion? Answer: none. Except those with our SW500 coating. Most reels on the market are only tested for 196 hours, and hardly any of those would survive 500. Our new coating technology can handle it. It sets a new standard in saltwater protection for fishing reels

One place on a reel where you can’t compromise on strength and stability is the handle. That’s why we have created this super-strong aluminium machine-cut handle, which gives you extreme cranking power and momentum the moment you start reeling in, as well as stability you can depend on

A diecast gearing system for long-lasting and durable performance. It smoothy and efficiently transfers power from the handle directly to the reel’s rotor

Vantage Spring System The VSS provides a much more precise load deflection when compared to traditional coil springs, which allows for constant pressure and load progression throughout the entire drag force. This gives the reel a consistent drag force, which makes it function much more smoothly and precisely, even in the most demanding circumstances

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• SRC500 coating
• Aluminium body and carbon rotor
• DuraGrease
• 8+1 sealed stainless steel ball bearings
• Screw-in aluminium handle
• Permanent anti-reverse system
• Aluminium CNC round handle knob
• Sealed carbon drag system
• Double-sided drag washers
• Vantage Spring System