When predators are deep in the water, the best way of reaching them, is adding some weight to your lure. This is how to rig the weighted corkscrew heads on the 3D Goby Shad.

You need
Savage Gear Y-Trebles
Savage Gear Stingers
Savage Gear Wire Crimps
Savage Gear Carbon 49 Wire
Savage Gear Stainless Splitrings
Savage Gear Cork Screw Heads

image 3

Step 1.

Using any of our splitring pliers, attach a size 2/0 Y-treble and a size M stinger spike to a 9mm stainless splitring.


image 4

Step 2
Take around 20cm of our 35lbs carbon49 trace wire and feed a 1.6mm wire crimp onto the end of it. Form a loop at the end of the wire with the 9mm stainless splitring sitting in the middle of it, then take the wire back through the crimp. Now crimp the 1.6mm wire crimp to secure the splitring to the wire.

image 5

Step 3
Insert the corkscrew head into the nose of the lure. Use the needle point as a guide and take great care to go in nice and straight.

image 6

Step 4

Finish off with the writing sitting the right way up. The top loop (for the leader) should face forward and the bottom loop (for the stinger) should face backwards.

image 7

Step 5

Insert the stinger spike in your desired location on the belly of the lure. In this instance we have went for a half way single stinger but you can make them longer, shorter and even use two hooks.

image 8

Step 6
The carbon 49 trace wire should run off the splitring in front of the stinger spike.

image 9

Step 7

Take one of our last meter wire crimps and feed it onto the carbon 49 wire, take the wire through the bottom loop of the corkscrew head, then back into the crimp. Remove any slack so the wire runs neatly underneath the lure.  Once you are happy with the length of your stinger, compress the crimp using any of our SG crimping tools. 

image 10

Additional tip 1
Tip one. Attach a 9mm stainless splitring to the top of corkscrew head and use this to attach your trace to. This will allow for more freedom of movement and ultimately give the lure a better swimming action.  

image 11

Additional tip 2

Tip two. Push a size small stinger spike over the stinger trace to hold it tight to the lure. This will give the lure a neater finish and also reduce the chance of the hook getting tangled on the cast.

image 13

You will now see how Savage the world can be! Start rippin’ lips.