See how this baby catches in this video

By Savage Gear

This lure has been requested by many anglers since the 3D Line Thru Sandeel was first introduced. A wired thru 3D Sandeel with the option of a belly hook. The new 3D Sandeel Pencil is much alike the line thru model and then not at all. It has a lazy slim S-curve action and inside the body. We fitted a rattle for the days where extra attraction is needed.

This amazing lure is insanely effective for the shallow water, since it runs high in the water. The spring season for seatrout is the best season for silvery torpedoes. The seatrouts loves sandeel and eat them like it was candy.

And it flies like a bullet! The weight in the end makes this a long casting wonder. You can reach the most distance spots with a powerful cast. 

The hook is fitted with double split rings for better fighting abilities. Comes with a treble and a single hook.

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