Small lures defy gravity

Lilliputian lures that defy gravity, also defy the hesitation of smart fish!

It was a windy day! I was not actually keen on fishing that afternoon. Me and my family was on the beach to take a swim and the annoying South wind is in general bad for fishing. But I never approach the coastline without a rod and a reel. That day, I had light gear due to the shallow area that surrounded our spot.

We arrived around 11:00 and initially there, just having fun with my kids. I had 2 hours left before I had to leave and my hands where “itching” to get a cast in. I took my CCS LRF Rod 6-14gr, attached a Gravity Pencil Ghost Sardine and started casting close to us.


On the first cast, a Black Spotted Lechia (Lechia Stella) took my lure! Second cast, my rod bended again and a small white seabream came close to shore. As I reel it in, a seabass appeared with a big interest for what was going on. I took the white seabream and kept it in a water bucket on order to make a fast cast afterwards! The seabass took the Lilliputian pencil like a candy! I started to think:

 What the hell was doing the whole day?

I saw a shallow rocky area about 300 meters on my right and decided to walk further.


Reaching the spot

I decided to try the Sayoris PHP color. I was casting against the wind, which was the best option for a strike, but soon, I felt the disappointment. In the foam - Nothing happened. So, I started walking the other way. The wind came directly from the back and the sea was quieter and more super shallow.

If Gravity Pencil had great casts against the wind, then with the wind from the back will send it a mile. I managed to do around 70m per cast, which meant I was able to search a huge area in front of me!


On the very first cast a big white sea bream was a fact! It took some heavy runs and tryed to enter every hole available. With braid PE #0.6 and 0.20mm leader, I had to be extra careful, but finally I got it. I did another cast and another fish, a bit smaller, came out! But I saw others follow it. So, one more cast and boom!

Time was 18:00 and since white sea breams are on the top of the gastronomic species, I decided to leave, having enough for my birthday dinner that was actually the next day! What the hell I was doing the whole day guys?