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Pike Fishing Lure Tutorial - Norfolk Broads - Robbie Northman

Carp angler and writer Ed Betteridge learns more about lure fishing techniques and tactics on a tuition with Predator Guide Robbie Northman. Ed fished as an all-roun...

The Ultimate Punch Rigging Guide

Being able to make a proper punch rig, can be a very effective way of getting down to the fish that are close to the bottom or trolling. Here is The Ultimate Punch ...

Master class - How to become successful when fishing softbaits

Casting BIG softbaits with Sean Wit

What is better? Hand or net?

Habits and trends go back and forth, like waves rolling over a lake. You always try to improve; it is in our human nature to seek progress. This applies just as much...

Golden tips – Don’t miss this one

Picking the right colors is essential to success. And the bottom color is a BIG factor. Watch Daniel Dalien Vignjevic tell about it in this video.

Tips on early summer fishing

The Dutch season has just started and Sean Wit is giving tips on how fish swimbaits above the grass. And you WILL encounter some great action.

Master Class - Slow days with Sean Wit

Sean Wit will tell you what you can do when fishing is slow!

How to rig your 3D Goby Shad

Here are some examples of possible rigs for 3D Goby Shad!

Master Class - Mads with Mono

Why fish mono on the line thru baits, Mads Grosell takes us fishing with mono and he will show us exactly why you should try this.

Master Class - Weedless jig

Here is a simple and efficient trick to making your jig weedless but keeping a good hooking rate.

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