Tips & Tricks

Master Class - Mads with Mono

Why fish mono on the line thru baits, Mads Grosell takes us fishing with mono and he will show us exactly why you should try this.

Master Class - Weedless jig

Here is a simple and efficient trick to making your jig weedless but keeping a good hooking rate.

Vertical Zander

With dropping water temperatures, the hunger of the zander increases proportionally, and you can experience great fishing days.


Stop & Go - Masterclass

In winter the Pikes can be hard to get, Daniel has some tips for you in this episode of the Savage Gear Master class.

Slow trolling with Sean Wit

Winter Pike can be hard to catch, Sean gives his best tips on slow trolling for them.


When predators are deep in the water, the best way of reaching them, is adding some weight to your lure. This is how to rig the weighted corkscrew heads on the 3D Go...

Lets talk Rods

Nikolaj explains the basics on fishing rods.

Punch rig heads

Punch rig heads is a perfect tool for modifying your softbait for new situations, see how easy it´s done!

Fishing with paravans and planer boards

Fishing with Paravans or Planerboards - Explained Series Planerboards, paravans... Means to an end and that end is catching fish! Our experience is based on pike fis...

MASTERCLASS TIPS #3 - Seatrout with Mads Grossel

Mads Grossel takes us Seatrout fishing on the Danish coast and gives a few tips that can change your succes in this very tough kind of fishing.