Asp camp Vistula

This was a very nice spinning event on one of the wildest rivers in Europe! Behind us is a three-day camp on the Vistula River, this event was organi...


Shore fishing for a BIG One !

Thru this article, accompany me for a pike fishing session, from the shore, in waders, using my MPP2 >350G and a 4D Line-thru Pulse-Tail Roach 21cm .


Huge pike from Norway

Norwegian angler, Arni Kupstas, has had quite a season already, but nothing beats this beast of a fish. A fish that could weigh up til 16kg.


Real radical reaction

The menu of pike is long: fish, frogs, crabs, ducks - and rodents. That's why Savage Gear Pro Staffer Arnulf Ehrchen has full confidence 3D Rad. Here ...


Loads of asps in one day!

Spinning for asp is not always using surface lures. This year, asp prefers to find prey close to bottom or middle water, instead of being close to the...


Returning for the lost MONSTER

To unhook a big pike then catch it again 15 days later 30m later... nice revenge, isn't it?


Mackerel mayhem – Try it now

Summer's here and the coast is alive. Massive shoals of one of the UK's favourite coastal species have turned up. Its time to ditch the heavy featheri...


Impossible days are over with this trick

Flemming Miller finally cracked the code for seatrout fishing. Read here, how he is triggering the fish on the impossible days.


Best summer photo of fish will win a LED sign


Picture of the week

Arnulf Ehrchen with a beauty of a beast pike!

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