The video behind the viral hit

Last week, Savage Gear posted a video of a pike attacking a 3D Suicide Duck. The video has reached almost 10.000.000 views. This is the video behind t...


How do I get more bites on my spinnerbait

The spinner bait already generates a lot of attention, but sometimes it is the details that make the difference in difficult situations.


Big river zander!

Fishing in river for big zander is a very hard fishing, which requires a very good knowledge of the fishery.


Fishing weedless with the Goby Shad

When fishing for pike in heavy cover, especially in weed and grass, we prefer to rig our softbaits with the SG Weedless EWG hooks.


Wrasse attacks!

After a good night’s sleep it was time to hit the coast for day 2 our final chance to make it happen. It was clear we chose the wrong location for day...


Go Deep, Deeper – Iron Mask Deep Diver

Shightly above lake bed, the zander lurks for prey. This is how you trigger it!


Big river chub!

Spinning for big chub is not an easy fishing. Especially in big river, like Vistula in Poland.


Picture of the week

Ivo Grgurić is a great young angler from Croatia and a huge Savage Gear fan. Here he comes with a super shot from Lokvarsko lake in Croatia and a mete...


Increase your topwater hookup ratio

When I take my first cast in one of the 96.000 lakes in Sweden, the first lure I drag through the lilly pads, is the the 3D Frog! And here is why.


Blade Bait - my summer choice for perch

During summer, large perch are often capricious. Then you have to reach for non-standard lures. Sometimes the fish prey intensely only half an hour a ...

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