Fishing Underwater

This is an exciting clip that shows underwater fishing at its best, or at its worst!


Which shad to choose when uncovering new grounds?

These last few weeks in France have been tough. The fish seems to have settled again on the edge, where they sometimes swim for long distances in sear...


Three pikes over 120cm on one day!

It was a perfect day for big pike fishing at legendary Rugen! This meant to nonstop cast Savage Gear lures!


Return to angling for some after Covid 19 Lockdown

The angling ban in the UK has been lifted in England and Northern Ireland, leaving Scotland and Wales still in heavy lock-down, which has divided the ...


Win Savage Gear LED sign

This unique LED sign, which is only produced in a VERY limited amount, is up for grabs!



This unique LED sign, which is only produced in a VERY limited amount, is up for grabs!


Q&A for Rickard Linderot for cold waters

Rickard Linderot has dedicated his life to fishing. His current status as he calls it is, father with a patient girlfriend. His fish a lot and his spe...


Action- packed zander fishing in the shallows

Christian Wieneke and his crew are going for zander on the shallows. He will be targeting zander and this video is packed with tips on how to find the...


Tons of tips, Master classes, articles and news

Due to the Corona situation, the Savage Gear Team will not be able to update the site as frequently as usual, but that should not stop you exploring a...


First 10+ kg pike on the 4D Herring Shad

Since most lakes at are frozen in Sweden, me and my fishing buddy Haris Beganovic decided to take a couple of days off and drive south in search for o...

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