How to work with sound

The feeding periods of the fish can be short. Are we able to change this, for example, by stimulating fish with sound?


The twitching game

Fast jerk then spin stop, flash of the lure and… Bite!!!


Picture of the Week

Our very own Sebastian Sandig with one of the mightiest perch out there!


How it was when I tested the new Craft Cannibal!

Winter shallow water pike fishing with the new lure Craft Cannibal soft lure with paddle tail.


Trolling over deep water

Trolling over deep water is very successful especially in autumn. Prey slowly start to gather to large schools and move over deep water to their winte...


One for all!

Where are the fish? Shallow, mid-water or deep? The Fat Tail Spin gives the answer.


Speed it up

Type of lure, colors, vibrations - all important factors, but the speed of the lure can be even more important, says Pro Staffer Arnulf Ehrchen


Defying Gravity

This year my main summer focus has been Bass. I live just 30 minutes from the coast and with a vast lineup of saltwater lures available in the Savage ...


Big Mama on the 4D PulseTail Trout

Big Mama on the 4D PulseTail Trout in 20cm 💪😲 💥Congrats to Max from @harz_fishing, what a fat pike! 😍


Full variety for perch

There are many perch techniques and many more perch lures. Our program offers a comprehensive selection of perch candy. Pro Staff member Arnulf Ehrche...

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