Flying Pike & Floating angler in motorized belly boat

Simon Gibson out for some serious pike attacks with BIG baits in the motorized belly boat...


Prop Walker tutorial

Top-water lure for Bass - with Toni Weise and Mirko Leonardi


SG4 Bass rods

The Savage Gear bass program consists of a large range of bass rods for both spinning and casting reels...


Perch Academy - Episode 4 - Jighead Fishing

We take a look at one the most widespread and known ways to catch Perch, Softlures on Jigheads.


Fix your linelay

HOW TO - fix the linelay on a spinning reel...


Bass fishing in Bolsena

In Session with Toni and Mirko testing New Savage Gear Lures like the Gravity twitch, Gravity Crank, Hop Popper Frog, and Prop Walker and the New Bait...


Perch Academy - Episode 3

In this 3rd Episode of Perch Academy we dive into the world of Drop Shot fishing for Perch. One more technique that has been widely used by American B...


Baitcasting School

Tips and Tricks with Dalien: Underhand roll cast, Pitch cast, Skip cast, thumb control, do you know your baitcasting techniques?


Perch Academy - Episode 2

This time we go into depth with Ned Rigging. Another fantastic Bass finesse method that American Bass anglers invented and refined over the years...


Casting control is key to catching more and bigger fish

"The more times you can present your lure the right way, the more fish you will catch!" - Daniel Dalien Vignjevic