Powerfishing is the key to bassfishing

The 3D Crucian Crank is an imitation, of what could be called a "goldfish". However, sometimes this kind of fish can be found swimming in our rivers a...


Summer chubin’

It is mid-July and we are feeling the summer vibes. Scorching days followed by dramatic rainstorms. It is been a wetter summer than usual, but the fis...


Summer holiday trout

Holiday trout fishing is simply beautiful. The river is "alive", here and there you see trout bating something from surface, the banks become wild and...


New personal best for Sylvain le Dentiste

Touch-free days are tough, aren't they? That's how this session started. Hours with nothing at all, not even a follower. So, while we are at it, we mi...


The best way to start the day with a 4D Perch Shad

124 cm super pike for Italian pro staff Louis Marchetti


Rod recommendation from Tom Heyer

There are a variety of different characteristics that make a Baitcaster rod. Rather hard or better softer? Two-piece, one-piece or split in the hand p...


Asp camp Vistula

This was a very nice spinning event on one of the wildest rivers in Europe! Behind us is a three-day camp on the Vistula River, this event was organi...


Shore fishing for a BIG One !

Thru this article, accompany me for a pike fishing session, from the shore, in waders, using my MPP2 >350G and a 4D Line-thru Pulse-Tail Roach 21cm .


Huge pike from Norway

Norwegian angler, Arni Kupstas, has had quite a season already, but nothing beats this beast of a fish. A fish that could weigh up til 16kg.


Real radical reaction

The menu of pike is long: fish, frogs, crabs, ducks - and rodents. That's why Savage Gear Pro Staffer Arnulf Ehrchen has full confidence 3D Rad. Here ...

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