New Topwater Seabass candy

The topwater lure Pop Walker 2.0 is perfect for many saltwater fish species. Meet the Savage Gear Pop Walker version 2.0, a walker that pops when walk...


Crayfish inspecting the Water Wolf 2.0

It´s amazing what you can learn from your underwater camera Water Wolf 2.0 footage! Here´s a crayfish inspecting the camera in depth. Such cool crea...


Gobster Shad - Powerfood for Predators

Sean gone on a fishing trip with his girlfriend. When bringing someone not as experienced on a fishing trip it´s important to catch fish and many, tha...


Trolling lures - Water Wolf 2.0 records the underwater action

Savage Gear Prostaffer Freddie Irvine goes out in his E-rider to record underwater action of striks while trolling lures - Water Wolf 2.0 mounted on t...


Slow Pike Attack?

Don't Pike allways attack with the speed of light?... NOPE - check out this slow pike attack, casually grabbing the Savage Gear lure - Line Thru Roach...


Seans Slender Scoop Shad - Zander Session

Sean show us a lot of action with the Slender Scoop Shad on a Jig head and slowly drifting and jigging... this lure swims even in super slow speed, pe...


Tuning Da'Bush Spinnerbait - Pike Frenzy with Dalien

Spinnerbaits might be the most efficient lures for Pike, then try tuning them! Dalien has caught tons of Pike with tuned spinnerbaits, here´s his tips...


Pike attacking Line Thru Roach

The new Water Wolf 2.0 HD in action while a Pike attacks the Line Thru Roach - a lure from Savage Gear. This clip is recorded by Roberto Ferrario.


Sean Wit gives us a closer look at the new WATER Wolf 2.0 HD

Deadbait fishing for Pike with the Water Wolf underwater camera shows some big Pike are taking the Water Wolf to the real test.


The Wolf is Back

NEW Water wolf UW 2.0 - HD Underwater camera have sparked a revolution in understanding how fish behave and react to the lures we present them with. G...