All-in on one BIG FISH - trolling for Pike

Sean Wit takes his good friend Job on a Birthday trolling session for Big Pike on a small lake in tough conditions and treats us all with perfect unde...


Turtle in 70 meter depth of Adriatic sea!

Discover all the creatures that check out your baits with the Water Wolf 2.0 underwater camera. This turtle is in 70 meter depth of Adriatic sea! Wate...


Rocks 'N' Rods - Part 1

A new Savage Gear Saltwater VLOG from the Mediterranean with Markos Vidalis. Follow the lone wolf on a quest to catch any saltwater predators like Bar...


Adriatic Adventures #3 - Scorpions in the Deep

Some incredible underwater video footage from Savage Gear ADRIATIC ADVENTURES - EP3: Scorpions in the Deep! The Adriatic Sea got so much more to offer...


Incredible footage of rare fish caught by water wolf 2.0

Igor Piker from Savage Gear went fishing in Mongolia for the rare Atlai Osman (Oreoleuciscus Potanini) - check out this breathtaking scenery he caught...


Adriatic Adventures #2 - Chasing Seabass

ADRIATIC ADVENTURES - EP2 🎬 More topwater fishing in the Adriatic, this time Dalien is chasing Seabass near the shore on Pop Walker, Slap Walker and ...


Like the stroke of lightning!

This pike came out of nowhere and toke a hit on Sean Wit's Savage Gear Line Thru Roach in the new 'Lemon Roach' color! Wanner record your own BIG st...


Wauw - Big pike hit -that didn't take long!!!

Sean Wit got this BIG pike hitting on the Savage Gear Line Thru Perch - and recorded it on video!!! With the Water Wolf 2.0 underwater camera you will...


School of roach - way too comfortable!

- they have no idea what's lurking underneath.... really cool Water Wolf 2.0 video recorded by Danijal Kvrgic


Adriatic Adventures #1 - Topwater Tuna fishing - Tuna Frenzy on Savage Gear Mackstick and Casthacker

Jump on board the ship and join Savage Gear Pro Consultant Dalien in one of the best days of his life, don´t miss this first episode of Adriatic Adven...