14 Sea bass with the Savage Gear lure Bullet Mullet 55!

On the change of the barometric pressure, the sea bass gets aggressive! Watch Marko Vidalis as he goes for some really aggressive sea bass and see h...


The perfect perch fishing kit for the night prowler...

The 4th kit for Perch fishing is handpicked by Elias Zachariassen. We call this one the "Heavy Metal" signature kit which contains some of Elias favor...


Pike on the hunt recorded!

This Pike really got mesmerized by the Savage Gear Shine Glider Lure... The hunt is recorded with the Water Wolf HD 2.0 underwater camera


Perch fishing Academy Signature kits - BAAAM - coming in September!

1-2-3 of these new limited edition perch fishing kits is handpicked by Mads Grosell. These 3 different kits cover all you need for either 1. Texas & C...


How to turning the Skirt Flirt Jig into a bass magnet!

How to: Dalien rigs his Skirt Flirt Jigs for hungry Bass with huge succes! HereĀ“s a great video about how to rig jigs for your Bass fishing, but also ...


Grouper fishing - Tips and Tricks

Heavy lure game with shore jigging gear by Markos Vidalis. Watch these tips and trick when Markos takes us hard lure fishing for grouper - learn how t...


Urban Grand slam fishing the canals of Amsterdam

Once again Sean Wit is fishing the canals of Amsterdam to catch the Urban Predators with the Fat T-Tail Minnow lure. Follow him on his pursue for an u...


Coastal fishing for sea trout at Gotland!

The danish boarding school Aalestrup Naturefterskole has six educational major lines and one of them is fishing ;) This is a underwater recording from...


Watch the swimming action of the Savage Gear 40cm Line Thru Trout! šŸ”„

With the Water Wolf 2.0 underwater camera, you will be able to get insights on the different lures swimming action, record strikes and learn much more...


BAAMMM! This pike didnĀ“t hesitate for a second!

This super-hard pike hit on the Savage Gear lure: Line Thru Roach, is recorded by @seanwitnl with the Water Wolf 2.0 underwater camera.