Big Trouts from Patagonia

My dream was to catch in Patagonia very big trout. This dream come true on the 4th day of the trip!

I have seen pictures of mindblowing big trouts from this beautiful. Old warriors that is built for surviving the harshest condtitions in the worlds. After spending days fishing the lowlands of Patagonia, we went to the high mountains in search of that one fish

We were already high on experiences, but more beautiful fish were waiting for us. Full of fishing hunger, we started out the day at sunrise and it did not take many casts before my Savage Gear CCS Travel 301 cm, 12-35g started to bend into the cork and my Okuma Helios HSX 40S reel started screaming. First dream fish in the net and it did not take long before next one took the ISP Seeker.

Patagonia is amazing, but after an experience like that, I could go back to Poland with fresh experiences. 


An old warrior. Its long mouth, big tail and brutal shape, indicates that this predator is made to hunt!