Fishing weedless with the Goby Shad

When fishing for pike in heavy cover, especially in weed and grass, we prefer to rig our softbaits with the SG Weedless EWG hooks.

Most often this is enough and works great to keep the bait clean from grass and allows the pike to get a shot at the lure.

But sometimes, when the cover is really thick, we use a simple trick to further limit the chances of something getting stuck to your lure.


As you can see in the next picture, we have rigged our softbait, in this case the 3D Goby shad, with a weedless hook and added a string of the SG Soft Fluro carbon in front of the hook.

You simply take a couple of centimetres of the material and push it down just in front of the hook and ad a drop of Fix it glue so that it doesn’t get loose.

This tip will allow you to fish even thicker weeds and cover, and hopefully catch more fish!

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