If you try to catch pike like this, your fishing heart will be lost forever

Pike is the fish that loves heavily overgrown and shallow places. But what to do, when a given place is so densely overgrown that fishing becomes impossible? The answer is lures armed with an offset hook!

Summer mornings are the time when I expect pikes in the shallowest, heavily overgrown places and there I usually start my fun! Dense reed beds on banks, fields of reeds, or underwater meadows sown with knotweed are ideal pike spots. Most anglers will immediately think about surface lures, which I love, but what to do when a predator doesn't want to go to the surface?


Savage Gear has a lot of lures that can be mounted on EWG and offset hooks, some of them are dedicated to this system, but we must not forget about old classics like Cannibal Shad, which is a killer in such places!

Since I started playing with offset hooks, I've noticed a new application for many of our softies, which, when run in the densest of vegetation, are kind of weapon of choice for lazy, bottom-lying predators. The new 3D Goby Shad, Real Eel, Cannibal Shad, or 3D Roach are the lures I always have armed with weed less hooks and on them I catch most of pikes.


Just remember to choose the right rod for such fishing. It should be strong and fast, one that will make it easier for us to pull the biggest pikes out of dense reeds. My favorite model for OFFSETS is the MPP2 Spin Rod up to 100g, 259cm long!

I strongly urge you to try this kind of hooks!

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