Loads of asps in one day!

Spinning for asp is not always using surface lures. This year, asp prefers to find prey close to bottom or middle water, instead of being close to the surface. Then the perfect rod for me for asp fishing is the Savage Gear Parabellum CCS 279cm 7-23g

The spring of 2020 was different for me, compared to previous years. I didn't have the possibility to go to Rügen for pike fishing. So instead, I've been fishing for asps with my clients, in my local river in Poland. Every day we got some nice asps! To be honest, it’s not an easy type of fishing. That day I caught more than 10 asps and all of them were located close to the bottom. And their attacks were very powerful! 


Good start of the day!

We were fishing from my boat. I found that the best places on the river is where it drops from the shallow sand to deeper water. Lures were attacked just after they started fishing after drop. To quickly get to the bottom I used a thin line, Savage Gear Adrenaline V2 0,13mm. 

It was a great day on the water. My spring was very different, but it ended up better than expected. Pure pleasure of asp fishing in Polish rivers!


Next good one!

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