Monster pike from Rügen

Monster pike from shallow water, caught by a client of our Polish Pro Staffer on Rügen!

Big fish in shallow water is crazy intense and exciting fishing. Especially when you see the Hybrid Pike disappear in the mouth of a giant.

I started fishing with new group of clients. They booked a fishing trip with me for 10 days at Rügen. This time they were two guests from France. Bernard and Gerard. Two very experienced anglers who knew what they were doing.

During the first 3 days, they caught many nice pike. In the last hours of day number 4, we were alone on the water. The majority of guides and anglers had called the quits, but we still had energy and decided to keep on blasting those Hybrid Pike towards the horizon.


 This anglers’ face says it all!

This was a very good decision. In front of Bernard’s feet, a true monster turned inhaled the lure in a cascade of water. The huge fish was in charge the first 5 minutes, but this was a tug of war and endurance would settle this match. Shortly after the pike started to tire and I could net the fish. The fish was an amazing 130cm pike! Wow. What a fish!