Anton Tsvetkov

Profile of Anton Tsvetkov

  • Date of birth: 24.08.1985
  • Current status: Professional angler
  • Hometown: In the woods, Sweden
  • Activities: Predator angler
  • Joined the Team: 01.05.2021


I drink, eat and breath fishing. Most of my adult life has been spent trying to catch monster while my friends actually have created them selves a normal life. Fishing for some is a fun spare time activity, for me its lika a good desiease that I just cant recover from. 

I have fished everything from kilogram Roach in the rivers of Sweden to the giant amphibious Arapaimas in the Peruvian Amazon. 

If it swims... I will sooner or later catch it!


Pike and carp have been my two biggest passions in fishing and I have always loved to share my experience with the world. I got my first fishing article published in my early twenties, after which I went on the write for several year in 3 languages all over Europe. When the article market died out a couple of years ago I turned my focus over to Guiding which lead me to, 15 years later, still be a part of the Swedish fishing sceen. 


The three keys to success

  • Invest your time!
  • Choose your water wisely!
  • Have patience, it will take you far!