Arnulf Ehrchen

Profile of Arnulf Ehrchen

  • Date of birth: 03.02.1973
  • Current status: Employee in sales, part time guide and fishing coach
  • Hometown: Wakendorf , Germany
  • Activities: Fishing, photography, cooking
  • Joined the Team: 01.02.2017


Fish interested me from my young years on so after finishing school I studied fisheries science/hydrobiology and became biologist. As I always had enjoyed writing I started writing for fishing magazines 1999 and left science 2001 to become editor of Rute& Rolle general fishing magazine where I enjoyed working for over 16 years and became editor in chief for the last two years I spent there. 2013 I started guiding (part time) on Lake Plön where I mainly target pike and on request perch. I live together with my girlfriend who likes to fish as well and (hopefully) we will be parents of a young boy from October 2019 on. 


Started fishing 36 years ago. On holiday in Finland with my parents I caught my first pike and from then on wanted to catch big pike. Still I stayed allrounder until now and enjoy catching other fish as well. Concerning predatory fish I had very intense times hunting zander and perch, too. Had the opportunity to fish for predators in quite a lot of countries such as the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Croatia, Ireland, Spain and Austria. With pike I primarily fish big lakes, casting and trolling open water. In recent years I enjoyed the thrill of pelagic vertical fishing as well.

The three keys to success

  • Flexibility
  • Perseverance
  • Enjoy what you do!