Balázs Számfira

Profile of Balázs Számfira

  • Date of birth: 16.11.1983
  • Current status: Sales rep
  • Hometown: Balatonalmádi, Hungary
  • Activities: Pike fishing, perch fishing, zander fishing, asp fishing, volga zander fishing, catfish fishing
  • Joined the Team: 12.03.2013


I live in Balatonalmádi, with my wife and our 12 years old daughter. We are really close to the biggest lake of Central Europe, to the “Hungarian sea”, to the Lake Balaton. I think, this is the most amazing part of the Earth. I work as a sales rep, at the one of the biggest wood industry company of Europe. After my family, the fishing is the biggest and more important part of my life.


When I was 5, we leaved near to the river Körös with my parents. We spent many time on the riverside and I got a fishing rod and I caught my first fish. After it we had to spend as much time with fishing as we could, because I wanted to fishing every day. Later we moved to Balatonalmádi and when I was 13 I bought my first spinning rod. I have been fishing only predators for 25 years.

My favourite water is the lake Balaton, but I fishing with pleasure on the river Danube and river Tisza. I have been fishing at the all times of the year for pike, zander, perch, asp, volga zander and catfish. I have been the member of the Hungarian Savage Gear team since 2013.

The three keys to success

  • be a lot on the water
  • learn a lot about the nature
  • be persistent