Christophe Depouille

Profile of Christophe Depouille

  • Date of birth: 17.03.1976
  • Current status: Boss
  • Hometown: Liege Belgique, Belgium
  • Activities: -
  • Joined the Team: 11.09.2007




Fishing has always been part of my family. I have been fishing since a young age with my father and my brothers. I started fishing for small minnows and very quickly turned by attention towards brown river trout. I started with natural bait and then with flies and lures. Fishing for pike, pike perch and perch soon followed. For 20 years I have been looking for large predators with lures, my preference is pike - the power of this fish fascinates me because every day is different.

The three keys to success

  • Do not lock yourself into a single technique, always keep looking to evolve
  • Always believe in success
  • Above all, indulge yourself in your passion.