Daniel Dalien Vignjevic

Profile of Daniel Dalien Vignjevic

  • Date of birth: 18.02.1980
  • Current status: Private business owner, pro staff angler
  • Hometown: Zagreb, Croatia
  • Activities: All around lure fishing angler, fishing journalist
  • Joined the Team: 01.12.2009


Dalien`s passion with Savage Gear runs for more than a decade now as he started promoting Savage Gear  back in 2009. This makes him a true veteran in our pro staff  line up, if not one with the longest tenure with Savage Gear .  Dalien´s fishing ability, high quality visual content  and ability to present a story made him one of our brightest stars over the years.  He`s had front pages and published magazine articles in almost every European country and his YT Channel is approaching 4M views with 6 K subscribers.  Dalien is accomplished fly fisherman and member of Scierra fly fishing team and a great promotor of  sea lure angling…He is also tournament/event organiser, managing and running more than 30 Savage Gear sponsored lure fishing events in Croatia over the past years. Most notable are two Pike Masters JUNIOR cups in 2019 – very successful events specifically organised for young lure fishing anglers.


Dalien is lure fishing for almost two decades now and has caught everything that will eat a lure in both fresh and salt water. Though not a big country, geografically Croatia provides very diverse fishing opportunities with everything from zander, pike, bass, asp, catfish all the way to trout and amazing medditterranean salt fishing for seabass, leer fish, bluefish, vertical jigging etc...also amazing fly fishing in nearby Slovenia and Bosnia. As one of most influential anglers in the country, Dalien picked up this wide range of knowledge by doing stories with best local anglers and incorporated this into his fishing and concepts. Dalien`s fishing savvy is also testemonied by winning Croatian Bass League three times and  winning  Croatian Pike Masters league two times with Savage Gear team. He also participated as an angler and Croatian bass team capetain in five Black Bass World Championships(Italy, South Africa twice, Mexico and USA).

Dalien played bass in a croatian hip-hop/raggae/rock band ST!llness(2005-2012) released and recorded three albums and did more than 150 gigs with the band all over Croatian region...

Dalien is happily married and has two school-age kids. Runs a family screw distributing bussiness.

The three keys to success

  • Willing to try new concepts
  • Looking at a bigger picture
  • Mastering specific lures / techniques