Darren Connolly

Profile of Darren Connolly

  • Date of birth: 27.05.1987
  • Current status: Head Chef/ Catering manager
  • Hometown: Cootehill Co,Cavan, Ireland
  • Activities: Fishing, Outdoor sports
  • Joined the Team: 06.01.2021


I was delighted when the opportunity came along to represent one of the market leaders in lure fishing. Savage Gear has always been a top brand and has produced so many fantastic lures and have been a trend setter for years. My main target species are pike and perch as these are in abundance in my local waters. I also really enjoy wrasse fishing when the opportunity presents itself. Lure fishing has been something I have been involved in for many years growing up as a child. From small crank baits chasing pike to small spinners catching perch during summer months. Lure fishing is a fantastic way of expressing your style, and so many changes and adjustments can be made to alter the artificial movement of the baits to entice a strike. Jerkbaits have always been a special lure for myself I love the slow action from the lure as it darts from side to side while allowing long pauses so that they lure can suspend or slowly sink, while maintaining a tight line waiting for that amazing strike to come along. 


Fishing has always played a massive part of my life. Growing up in a small town surrounded by water fishing was a hobby and a pastime that I picked up at a very early age. Over the years my lure fishing has progressed and my obsession with pike and perch has grown. Being out on the water is something that I find very relaxing and is my escape away. The unknowing of each session and the excitement that follows when the fish are active. Sharing these moments among friends is an excellent experience while creating memories.

The three keys to success

  • Adapt to daily changes on the water. Downsizing, Running Depths, Speed Retrieval etc. Don’t become a robot. Make adjustments try new things.
  • Revisit known hotspots often during the day. Time of day can be crucial. Feeding period’s, water temperature, sunlight etc.
  • Learn the movements and locations of baitfish. Predator species follow these shoals around during the year so by fishing around these shoals in return will increase your chances and up your game.