Erik Müller

Profile of Erik Müller

  • Date of birth: 26.09.1990
  • Current status: Engineer, Guide, Fly Fishing Instructor
  • Hometown: Flensburg, Germany
  • Activities: Fishing for all kinds of fish, especially salmonids


Erik loves the movement. In addition to spin- and fly fishing, he is playing football. With his self-made fishing-van he is traveling a lot to Scandinavia for wild camping at beautiful lakes, rivers and the sea.


Erik caught his first fish when he was 3 years old, since that time he lives the fishing! A few years ago, he started to fish also with the flyrod and is now a guide and fly-casting teacher at the Baltic sea in north Germany. Erik is living in Flensburg and this is the reason why the seatrout is his main target fish, but he also loves to hunt for salmon, cod, coalfish, pike and perch with lures and flies.

The three keys to success

  • Only the lure in the water is catching…
  • You need bad days of fishing to appreciate the good ones…
  • Motivation and fun during the fishing is the main key…