Hugo Hegeman

Profile of Hugo Hegeman

  • Date of birth: 16.12.2024
  • Hometown: Lage Zwaluwe, Netherlands
  • Activities: Fishing Pike, Zander, and Perch
  • Joined the Team: 01.03.2021


As a very keen predator fisherman, Savage Gear has become my way of life. As I wanted to be close to my favorite activity - fishing and catching the big predators - I even moved to Lage Zwaluwe, one of the areas that offers you the really big fishing lakes in the Netherlands. I love catching fish, but focusing on the specimens around me especially thrills me. I love the big perch and Zander, but I must admit, my knees always get weak when I hook a monster pike; especially blind casting for those monsters with big baits is at the top of my favorite activities. 


I started fishing when I was four years old, and it has been a massive part of my life ever since. It never gets boring; it's always a challenge and puzzle to figure out how to get those big fish on the hook and board! Today, I'm working as a product developer for Savage Gear, and I must say, landing this job was a dream come true. When not hunting down predators on the waters, I'm using all my time with an incredible team of predator fishing experts, designing the best possible baits, rods, and reels - all the gear you need to be ready to tackle new epic adventures on and by the waters. 

The three keys to success

  • Go big or Go Home!
  • Adventure is the best experience to learn
  • Dare to do something different