Markos Vidalis

Profile of Markos Vidalis

  • Date of birth: 25.05.1979
  • Current status: Product Manager for Savage Salt
  • Hometown: Attika, Greece
  • Activities: Light, medium and heavy lure fishing in general
  • Joined the Team: 01.12.2018


Markos Vidalis is a powerlifting athlete, and dedicated to the heavy sports. Furthermore he likes to go for trekking and survival in deep forest.


Starting to involve with fishing at the age of 3 together with his grandfather, Markos loved sea fishing rapidly. At the age of 17 started to write fishing articles in fishing magazines and at the age of 26 he became head editor in two. He has interfered with all of the saltwater fishing techniques, but eventually loved more lure based techniques, ultra light, light, medium and heavy! Markos is the ambassador of shore jigging in Europe and he is well known for that. Before Savage Gear he was an important part of very famous Japanese brands and he is very experienced to high end fishing gear. Now he joined forces with Savage Gear and the best are yet to come!


Personal Records: Snapper: 9.8kg, Amberjack: 18.8kg, Seabass: 7.7kg, Grouper: 8.3kg

The three keys to success

  • Make sure that you will come back home safe!
  • Never give up! Try one more time one more lure!
  • Make your own experience and trust on it! Don’t be a “keyboard’ angler!