Peter Perger

Profile of Peter Perger

  • Date of birth: 12.04.1994
  • Current status: Pro Staff
  • Hometown: Debrecen, Hungary
  • Activities: pike fishing, bass fishing, etc
  • Joined the Team: 01.01.2019


Since I was a child, I ‘ve always been an enthusiast of animals, especially reptiles and fish. In high school  I was specialised to biology and in university I got my bachelor’s degree as a biologist, then my master’s degree as an ichthyologist in 2018. Now I started to work at Hungary’s biggest fish farming company. My indoor hobby is also related to the same passion, since I love to keep “monsterfish” in large tanks at my home (for example: pike, bass, alligator gar, snakehead etc.).


I was a really little kid, when I started fishing, so I can’t tell the exact year and I couldn’t imagine my life without it. At the beginning I tried most of the techniques and styles, until at the age of 13 I found my favourite in using artificial baits for catching freshwater predators and a few years later I realised, that if you want to achieve great result in something, you have to specialize yourself. Since that, I only use artificial baits and baitcasting tackles and most of the time I fish for pike and bass in still waters, but sometimes I target the other native predatory species as well.

The three keys to success

  • Time spent on water
  • Experimentation
  • Lure