Robert Farrell

Profile of Robert Farrell

  • Date of birth: 21.03.1982
  • Current status: Self employed Landscape Gardener
  • Hometown: Paisley, Scotland
  • Activities: I like all types of fishing but I say I specialise in large Loch pike and perch fishing
  • Joined the Team: 06.05.2014


My name is Robert Farrell I'm a self-employed landscape gardener and have been for the past ten years. I'm passionate about anything I put my mind too and working for myself has definitely made me a better person, I've learnt a lot by owing my own business. I've made mistakes along the way but that's life, making mistakes doesn't make you a failure, you fail if you don't learn from them and do it better the next time. I've never doubted my ability and my passion for elevating not just my life but my families too was the goal that I set and I can honestly say I have overachieved that bar. I honestly believe if you have passion for what you do everything else somehow seems to work itself out in the end, don’t be afraid to dream big and do whatever is necessary to get you over the line.


I started out fishing when I was very little, my dad got me into angling and he never knew it at the time, but he changed my life forever. He would take me fishing to Loch Awe for trout and perch, and it was there I caught my first pike. My journey with the sport progressed very quickly from there and I return the favour now and take my dad fishing on my boat. I like to fish big for big pike and perch on vast wild Lochs, I have done so for most of my life, catching wild fish, especially big wild fish is what drives me. Catching fish that are rarely caught by other anglers is the fuel that burns my fire

The three keys to success

  • ...determination
  • ....don't fall into the trap of going through the motions, if things are not working for you change your approach and don't be afraid to try something that is different to others
  • ...this is more important thing than anything..... PASSION and LOTS OF TIME, FISH DON'T FIND THEIR WAY INTO YOUR NET, YOU HAVE TO EARN THAT ONE YOURSELF simply by doing HARD WORK