Sean Wit

Profile of Sean Wit

  • Date of birth: 28.05.1984
  • Current status: Content Creator, fishing guide, full time angler
  • Hometown: Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Activities: Pike fishing fanatic with the occasional focus on perch and zander
  • Joined the Team: 16.12.2015


I live in the Netherlands, close to Amsterdam and that might not be the most ideal location for an outdoor fanatic. After many years in corporate work environments, I finally made the step towards being a full-time angler. Besides fishing, I like to travel the world, be creative and enjoy other people’s creativity. 


As a kid I started out fishing for roach and bream, like most kids do. It wasn’t until my 23rd that I fished for pike and my first success was a good meter+ pike! What a way to start your pike angling career. Many years later I travel across Europe to target the biggest pike out there and aspire to create great content around our commonly shared hobby.

The three keys to success

  • Don’t worry about having a slow day, look at all the individual sessions as one, big adventure towards reaching your goals
  • Hard work will always be rewarded, keep on fishing!
  • Always try to keep it simple!