Wojciech Krzyszczyk

Profile of Wojciech Krzyszczyk

  • Date of birth: 18.04.1975
  • Current status: Full time angler, Fishing Magazine Editor
  • Hometown: Chorzów, Poland
  • Activities: Pike, perch, zander, brown and rainbow trout, chub, asp, catfish fishing.
  • Joined the Team: 23.09.2014


For years I worked with many companies in the angling industry as well as with fishing magazines. From this year I work as Deputy Editor-in-Chief for the largest angling magazine in Poland - Wędkarski Świat.


I have been active in the fishing industry for 25 years. As a player, trainer, fishing guide, author of a book about the best fisheries in Poland, fishing journalist and publicist. I love to catch zander and trout, but overall I fish almost all spieces of predator fishes using all available methods.

The three keys to success

  • Patience
  • Perseverance
  • Commitment