3D River Roach Take the well-known power of the 3D Roach and bring it to your favourite river. Featuring incredible details from the scan of a real river roach, the intricate details of the lure are further complimented by Photo Print and strike-triggering scent. The specially designed paddle tail makes the lure kick and roll in a super lively fashion. There is also a rattle slot in the tail on the two larger sizes and in the tail bridge for the two smaller sizes, so you can add audio attraction if required. This is the perfect paddle tail soft lure for perch, pike and zander, but it will catch just about any predator fish out there.
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Product number: SGK327 -

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Blend of amino acids, fats, and proteins that triggers feeding and aggression


• 3D scanned details
• Strike-triggering scent
• Lively kicking paddle tail
• Rattle slots