With incredibly detailed Photo Chrome skin print and a strike enticing scent, we have created the 4th dimension with our 4D Line Thru trout. This lure is just so lifelike that the predator fish won’t be able to resist making a fully committed attack when they see it. Each lure colour has been extensive designed, tested and fine-tuned to perfection, and the added scent will give you the edge when conditions are tough. 

The lure is designed with a larger Line Thru channel, making it easier to change the trace – it comes pre-rigged with the Carbon49 wire trace, mounted with the line modifier clip. The lure has a realistic s-curve swimming action that only adds to the overall realism of this incredible lure.

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Product number: SGK023 -

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UV spectrum colors and details utilized for increased visibility to the fish

Florescent colors and details utilized for increased visibility to the fish

49 strands of high carbon steel wire, twined, braided and coated with a strong black copolymer

3D scanned details of the actual fish combined with photo print and strike triggering scent

Photo print colors and details from an actual fish

Blend of amino acids, fats, and proteins that triggers feeding and aggression


• 4D Photo Chrome skin print
• Strike-triggering scent
• Easy-change Line Thru system
• Pre-rigged with Carbon 49 wire modifier rig and Y-Treble hook
• Green Silver – UV active silver glitter base with realistic smelt details 
• Lemon Trout – super hi-viz fluorescent colour on solid white base