Making a popper is easy but making a micro popper with an unbeatable casting distance for its weight is really hard. But that’s what we achieved with our Micro Popper – a lure that provides an extremely realistic popping action on the surface with just the slightest flick of the wrist. Want a lower realistic pop? Pop it with the rod low. Need a louder pop with more splash? Get the rod tip up high. Walking the lure is also easy, and you can even walk it and pop it at the same time, creating a commotion that no predator fish will be able to resist investigating. Designed for LRF and light game, this lure promises to bring the fun back to your fishing.

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  • Big eye for clear target
  • Loud, realistic popping and splashing
  • Super long cast design
  • Loud rattling noise
  • Super strong saltwater SGY3X hooks