Whether the bass are simply after a quick meal or are protecting nests from the amphibians that commonly feed on bass eggs, they’re quick to pounce on salamanders. The NED Salamander’s ribbed-body design and appendages assure the bait moves in perfect imitation of a feeding salamander to attract the attention of predatory bass and other gamefish. Our Duratech softplastic material is tuned with salt infusion for perfect buoyancy and sink rate.
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Product number: SGK140 -

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Hotspot features


Salt impregnated for increased density and flavor

Blend of amino acids, fats, and proteins that triggers feeding and aggression

3D scanned details of the actual fish mimicked by the lure


• Hyper-realistic 3” salamander profile
• Custom duratech formulation for lifelike feel and durability
• Contoured ribbed body helps create turbulence to attract attention underwater
• Salt infused for ideal buoyancy
• Scent infused to trigger feeding and aggression
• Designed to be fished on savage ned heads