How do I get more bites on my spinnerbait

The spinner bait already generates a lot of attention, but sometimes it is the details that make the difference in difficult situations.

Slowly I crank the spinnerbait through the water. Again and again the spinner blades push the weed away, so the bait doesn't get stuck in the underwater jungle. The pressure waves the Spinner Blades produce, attract the predators from their hiding place.

Inconspicuously, a large shadow comes out of the weed and approaches my bait. At first only shadowy, but then clearly visible through the polarized glasses. A fat pike is approaching the Spinnerbait, directly from behind. Only 3 meters to the boat...2 meters...1 meter...1 meter. It's turning away! NO!!


Spinnerbait with 11cm rib worm  

Sometimes it just doesn't work and sometimes the important detail that would have caused the bite is missing. Therefore I very often use an additional trailer on the spinnerbait to set another attraction for the predator. The trailer itself should not influence the running characteristics of the spinnerbait negatively. Suitable trailers are rubber baits with little action. Rubber baits with a large paddle tail and swinging action are rather counterproductive, because they very often affect the running characteristics of the Spinnerbait.  


Adjust Rib worm to the right length

The Rib Worm has a very linear run and is therefore very suitable as a trailer for the spinnerbait. I adjust the length of the Rib Worm to the respective spinnerbait. About a thumb's width of space should be between the heel exit and the rotating part of the Worm. It's a good compromise to reduce the false bites while keeping the bait to make it more interesting for the predator. The run of the Spinnerbait with the Rib Worm should always be directly control. 


The awaited bite can come at any time

The Spinnerbait blades as well as the Rib Worm should be able to be run cleanly and must not get caught during spinning stops. This additional attraction in the form of a trailer, had already sometimes brought me the decisive bite, especially on days when the fish just don't want to bite. But not only on pike the trailer works very well, also zander and perch can be caught. For perch in summer I prefer the smaller Rib Worm (9cm) with a smaller spinner bait.