Mackerel mayhem – Try it now

Summer's here and the coast is alive. Massive shoals of one of the UK's favourite coastal species have turned up. Its time to ditch the heavy feathering gear and get ready for some... Mackerel Mayhem.

Although small in size mackerel are aggressive predators, swarming in numbers to devour their prey. Targeting mackerel on balanced tackle can bring out a great fight and at times one a chuck action can lead to a pretty satisfying session.

High tides and low light levels seem to be the most productive times for mackerel. They will often come within feet from the shore making casting pretty easy.

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The Gravity Pencil is perfect for ultra-light fishing with ultra-much fun! 

Mackerel kit is pretty simple. The Savage Gear LRF CCS rods are well suited for mackerel the 7ft 0.5-7g casting weigh is perfect to fully enjoy the Mayhem, while long enough to cast light lures far. Mine is paired with a 20 size Okuma Epixor and loaded with 10lb adrenaline. A fluorocarbon leader is handy 10lb breaking strain Is more than sturdy enough to withstand wear and tear, they’re not line shy.

There are 3 lures that come to mind that dominate for mackerel fishing. The mini Sandeel kits contain a mixture of aggressive and natural colours perfect for mini species. The 3D Jig minnow range is new and features casting metals down to 5 grams. The gravity pencil is a new addition at 8 grams these micro jerk baits are designed to cast far. Tempting fish even when they are far from shore.

Working a lure for mackerel is quite simple, when they are feeding aggressively a straight retrieve works fine. When searching I like to cast far allow the lure to sink and pull it back in large jerks. The takes are often highly aggressive and the action really fun. Give mackerel a go on the coast this summer.

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The right depth – Finding the right depth is critical. The 3D Jig Minnow allows you to quickly find the fish

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