Shore fishing for a BIG One !

Thru this article, accompany me for a pike fishing session, from the shore, in waders, using my MPP2 >350G and a 4D Line-thru Pulse-Tail Roach 21cm .

The month of May in the south of France is already very hot with almost 30 degrees outside, it is strongly advised to take your sunscreen in your fishing boxes. Of course, I forgot it and you will see it for yourself on the photos of the article

For this shore fishing, my fishing box is stocked with sure values, such as freestyler, real eel 30cm, 4play but especially Pulse-tail roach and trout

image 1

The lake only hardly exceeds 3m deep, which is why I would fish exclusively in shallow today.

That said, my pike tracker instincts push me to fish with this famous 4DPulse-tail roach 21cm roach color as a priority because it is perfectly suited to the spots encountered.

Several bites and correct fish will confirm my choice but after 8 hours of fishing under a blazing sun, I begin to lose my motivation to touch a real large pike…
It is then that on my last casts, my roach is stopped dead at the bend of a large rocky block. This is followed by a large amplitude shoeing thanks to the 2.77m of my MPP2> 350g and a titanic battle begins in the middle of all these obstacles!

The rushes follow each other and the stress rises! After a few minutes of struggle, the fish surrenders to me and lets me measure its 107cm!

Some souvenir photos of this fish that opens the 2020 season of big pikes fishing, and quickly, a nice release to finish filling this moment of happiness! Thank you Savage Gear !

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