Hollow body frogs with exquisite details, hugely realistic profiles and lively, durable silicone skirt legs. Two models available: the Walk Frog, that walks across the surface on retrieve and Pop Frog, that makes a deep plopping sound on the pull. Both models feature an ultra-sharp double hook with detachable single hook stinger. Superb for both bass and pike.
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Product number: SGK049 -

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Size matters

  • 5.5CM
  • 7CM

Hotspot features


Black nickel finish for increased corrosion resistance and reduced visibility of the hook

Matte finish, non shiny surface that picks up light and makes the lure very visible

3D scanned details of the actual fish mimicked by the lure


• 3D scanned details
• Great walking or popping action
• Soft, collapsible PVC Bodies, with durable silicone skirt legs
• Ultra-sharp double hooks
• Detachable, tight-fit stinger single hook