Get ready for your sea bass dreams to become reality with this specially developed minnow that’s perfect for targeting these speedy predators. The Sea Bass Minnow has a semi-slim body with an ultra-realistic profile and natural swimming action designed to mimic the movements of a natural prey fish. The action is gentle and balanced and more than capable of fooling sea bass, even those who live in high pressure areas. The colour range has been carefully chosen to match the needs of fishing in either clear, muddy, or foamy waters. It also features a subtle rattle system that produces just enough noise to pique the interest of curious predators nearby. The internal weight system of the lure features tungsten balls that help you cast long distances with perfect accuracy. The lure is completed with three super-sharp saltwater-resistant hooks that give fish no chance of escape.
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Product number: SGK489 -

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System reduces rattling sounds to a subtle, more natural frequency required for increased success with pressured fish

Glow in the dark pigments used

Strategic weighting for long casting performance

High density tungsten inside

UV spectrum colors and details utilized for increased visibility to the fish


• Realistic profile
• Ultra-long cast design
• Natural swimming action
• Built-in discreet rattle
• SGU Saltwater UAR 3X NP trebles (120#8) (140#6)