This small Line thru blade, with amazing details inspired by the Stickle back, that is on the menu for trout big parts of the year. The lure has a super enticing, almost dancing action on the retrieve and can be fished at various speeds – even very slow. On spin stop, the lure will rotate slowly away from the centerline – often triggering hard strikes. The lure can fished both forward or backwards, giving you two action styles. Superb for UL trout fishing in both fresh and saltwater.
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Product number: SGK098 -

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Black nickel finish for increased corrosion resistance and reduced visibility of the hook

Florescent colors and details utilized for increased visibility to the fish

Allows lure to travel up the line when a fish is hooked, thus increasing the hook to land ratio

Photo print colors and details from an actual fish

High carbon steel treble for light tackle applications where strength is required while maintaining excellent hook penetration. Y configuration on the treble ensures perfect alignment on the body of the lure for increased hookup ratio

360 degrees rotation on spin stop, triggering strikes


• Linethru design
• Ultra sharp treble hook prerigged on split ring
• 5 hard beads in Glow and neutral colors
• Lively and erratic action
• 360-degree rotation on the spin stop
• 42mm: ST46 #12, 52mm: ST46 #10