2 HUGE seatrout in 3 weeks – Both on LT Sandeel

Per Søholt is hot at the moment and it is not because of the heat. He broke his personal best twice in the past 2 weeks.

The first one was a whopping 83cm and more than 6kg, caught on the Line Thru Sandeel.

Dreaming of a bigger fish this year, would be insane, but a bigger seatrout, was exactly what happened!

Per was fishing his local coastal waters. Just before nightfall, the strike came after just a few spins on the reel on his Line Thru Sandeel in the color Sandeel Ghost. The fish fought hard and it took 15 min, before it surrendered into the net. This fish was an incredible 85cm and 7,5kg.

image 1

This is the second +80 fish Per has caught in 3 weeks

image 2

With a propellerfly tube, you protect the knot and create a strike-point 

Per rigs his Line Thru Sandeel with a Propellerfly, which is a swingtube designed for flyfishing with tubeflies, but it also works great for protecting the knot and create a strike point for the fish. 

The Line Thru Sandeel in the Sandeel Ghost color is a very subtle lure without UV. It works great for bigger fish that are harder to lure and is Per’s favorite for bigger fish and he also caught both of these fish on this lure. Proves that he is right on that point.

A huge congrats to Per and this magnificent fish.

image 3

83cm and a whopping 7,5 kg. It took the LT Sandeel hard

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