Catching Perch with Twitch Baits

They come out of nowhere and hunt specifically for small food fish that are found in the shallow water stop. Perch hunting for food fish.

In the summer months, very often, you can observe perch hunting in the shallows for smaller prey . The prey initially stand almost motionless in the clear water. Even before you recognize the perch, you see a flashing, panicky the little fish are trying to escape. This spectacle can be seen especially in the early Observe in the morning hours and in the evening hours.


Great Combi: XLNT3 rod with Ceymar reel

So what is the perfect bait for these conditions? First of all it should match the size of the feed fish, this is a crucial point for success. Perches have adapted to a certain size and often react to another size with disinterest. The bait should have an action similar to the escape behaviour of feed fish.

A hardbait which is designed as a twitchbait now offers an advantage. This is at best floating and has only a small diving shovel. The small scoop ensures a high frequency when flanking the bait and thus perfectly imitates an escaping feed fish. Short and fast strokes with the rod tip, while cranking the lure at the same time, ensures attractive bait guidance. In between you should be able to pause the lure again, the twitchbait should remain floating in the water column.

I use a short rod with a length of 2.13m and a fast tip action. The casting weight of my XLNT3 is between 5-18g. The 3D Twitch Minnow fits perfectly to this fishery. With sizes between 6.6cm and 8cm and a weight of up to 8.5g, it offers a good solution for both the prey scheme and casting distances. It is designed as a suspender and therefore stands almost weightless in the water or glides horizontally below, depending on the snap and leader material. The small exchange bucket provides a high flank frequency and a hectic lure run when twitching and cranking. Try it out, the perches are crazy about this kind of lure.



The 3D Twitch Minnow perfectly imitates the fish food

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