Speed it up

Type of lure, colors, vibrations - all important factors, but the speed of the lure can be even more important, says Pro Staffer Arnulf Ehrchen

Many of you are probably familiar with this: We retrieve the lure quickly because it is out of the hot area. Bam, a predator grabs it!

Some crankbaits become unstable when retrieving fast. These lures are not suitable for speeding up. Compact crankbaits like the new Gravity Crank work well as a search bait. This type of bait is about fast horizontal movement, which appeals to perch, but also asp. Jig spinners like our Fat Tail Spin are great for both. They do not just cast a mile, but also run absolutely stable even at high speeds.


Crankbaits like the Gravity Crank can be retrieved really fast.

Often a quick fall of the bait is the key stimulus for predators. This is exactly what we can use Fat Tail Spin for as well. Just fish a model heavier than you need. At a water depth of only two meters, where the 9g version would easily have been enough, I caught a lot better with the 16g version, for example.



The Fat Tail Spins are perfect for fast fishing

If we want to fish typical "just-crank-it-in-baits", there are two ways of doing it: Either fish, models which is actually too heavy, or put weight on the bait. Our Mini Da' Bush spinnerbait, for example, has an eyelet on the underside of the head. Here we can click in an additional weight. Perfect for pike that do not respond well to slower pace.

No matter what type of lure you use: If the predators are playing hard to get, just step on the gas and you will be surprised how uncompromisingly the bites come.



More weight for more speed - thanks to the extra eyelet on the Mini Da'Bush


The 32g DaBush caught this pike at high speed and a depth of only one meter.


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